Important Information about your next visit to Jealousi. 

Update 08/07/2021 - Please read....

Dear Client and Friends 

We have given great consideration to the anticipated changes, in the lockdown measures, on 19Th July. 

Locally, rates of infection, are increasing rapidly and affecting both none vaccinated and the vaccinated members of our society. And whilst the risk of serious illness is reduced by vaccination it does not wholly remove the risk. offer this within their current anticipated guidance for 19th July. 

“Published guidance will advise that wearing a face covering will reduce your risk and the risk to others, where you come into close contact, with people you do not normally meet in enclosed and crowded spaces”. 

As a hair stylists we can not avoid being with in extremely close proximity of you as clients and subsequently the above government advise must be taken seriously. 

We do not wish to be the reason for anybody’s ill health and only wish to be part of the resolution in reducing the spread of this horrific virus. 

Therefore, all of our current safety measures will remain in place including the wearing of masks for both the team and clients. 

Guidance permits business’s to make their own decision around the wearing of face coverings based on the setting and risk to Helth and safety. 

We, kindly, ask for your support in this decision and thank you for all you have done, thus far, supporting our current safety measures. 

Thank you  

Richard and Stewart. 

COVID-19 Restrictions - Please Read to the entirety.    

We have been very much looking forward to seeing you all and making you feel fabulous. 

However, we are sure you are aware, that things have to be different for a while, at least. 

Below we have set out a few points and expectations that we must apply to visitors to the salon, in the hope that we sufficiently negate any risk of infection, for you the client and us the team. 

If you have felt un-well, at any point, in the 14 days prior to your appointment, Please reschedule. 

We have made significant changes to provide sufficient protection of both clients and team. 

We have installed screens between each Styling chair and at the reception desk. 

Face screens have been applied to the back washes. 

All team will wear a face mask along with a full-face visor, along with gloves during shampooing and colouring. 

The hygiene routines, with in the salon, have been amended and increased, all tools, gowns, surfaces and communal spaces will be cleansed after each client’s use. 

Dry cuts are not permissible and fringe trims will be by appointment only and thus chargeable.  

We cannot facilitate “walk-in” services. We are strictly by appointment only.  

A 15 minute sterilisation time gap has been added to the end of each Cut/styling appointment. (colour clients will generally require these services after colouring.) 

For a while there will be no “waiting area” to reduce the number of people in the salon at any one time. Please arrive on your own as children and companions will not be permitted to wait inside the premises. 

Due to the increase in costs and the reduction in productivity a small increase in our service charges have had to be applied. Please speak to your stylist if you wish to know how much this will mean to you, but on average this will be no more than £5.  

We would now ask that you read the following guidelines before you arrive at the salon. 

We understand that it maybe lengthy but it is imperative that you understand our expectations for you avoid disappointment on the day of your appointment.  

Things for you to consider before you arrive and upon arrival. 

All Colour Clients. 

To avoid the need for skin testing every colour client, Joico, our colour manufacturer has provided us with a check sheet. This check sheet will requires you to answer and sign a legally binding declaration. 

If you have coloured your hair at home or you have had a change of medication or a tattoo, since your last visit to the Jealousi, you should advise the team immediately, and a  minimum of 48 hours prior to your appointment, to enable us to schedule a new skin test. Failure to do so could lead to your colour appointment being cancelled.   

Thank you for reading and we look forward to seeing you very soon. 

The Team @ Jealousi